Customised quality and design

Carport roofs are not intended only for protection against different weather influences but with our help they can also be an accessory to your home or any other facility. You can select between different types of carport roofs and outlays and our trained staff takes care of everything from the first to the last step. You can select from 4-pillar carport roofs, console carport roofs, carport roofs with a handy storage shed, terrace carport roofs and other customised carport roofs.

Armat carport roofs provide a number of benefits and are the right choice for everyone who are looking for quality, long lifespan and modern architectural solutions. Since the beginning of our cooperation our accommodating consultants help you find an optimal solution, they answer all your questions and prepare a customised project.

Why choose an Armat carport roof?

  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Customised protection against weather conditions
  • An appealing design and professional implementation
  • Top-quality optimal assembly
  • Incredible technical characteristics
  • Maximum material resistance
  • Long lifespan

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