Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data

- We will never misuse your personal information in any way.
- We will never share your contact and personal information with a third party unless required by law.
- We will never send you emails that you did not subscribe to.
- You can unsubscribe from any of our emails at any time.

Collection and processing of personal data

Personal information is information that identifies you: your name, email or physical address. Our website does not collect your personal information except when you enable it, ie when ordering products, submitting a request or when you subscribe to our newsletter.

All your data is stored throughout our business cooperation or. potential business cooperation.

Use of personal information for advertising purposes

To the extent that you expressly consent to the use of your personal information for advertising and marketing purposes, we will store and use your information for such purposes, e.g. to send news, promotions, updates, and more. we may use the information you provide us to improve the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing services.

Withdrawal of consent

You may withdraw your consent to the continued use of your personal information at any time in whole or in part. Once we have received your withdrawal of consent, we will delete your information within 30 days. Please submit your consent withdrawal in one of the following ways:


or by post to:
Armat d.o.o.
Krmelj 37A
8296 Krmelj

Right to retain information about your information

At your request, which you have given us at the addresses above, we will let you know what personal information we hold and for what purposes.

Links to other websites

Our Website may contain links to other sites to which this privacy statement is not applicable. When you leave our site, read the privacy statement on the page you are visiting again.

As a user

I consent to the use of my personal information and confirm that I am aware of and understand and accept the General Terms and Conditions.

Explanations about the use of online cookies

A cookie is a short text that a visitor sends to a browser. This makes it easier for the site to remember the settings you have as a user selected (for example, language), which greatly facilitates your subsequent visits to the site. Cookies, therefore, make it easy to browse the web and provide a faster and easier user experience. Most websites use them.