We give value to steel!

Take advantage of the unlimited number of project design and implementation options

Due to its versatile use steel has been an important construction material for centuries. It is known for its functional, technically superior and most of all excellent construction characteristics. Especially in construction, steel and steel constructions can be easily paired and combined with other materials, such as glass, wood, and numerous composites, and it also goes well with concrete.

An environmentally-friendly material

Steel is made of iron, carbon and added metals which are all derived from soil. The largest steel by-product is slag, which is entirely reusable as a concrete component. Ninety-eight percent of the water used in steel manufacturing, which is used for cooling and cleaning, can be reused following filtration. Due to its magnetic properties and consequently easy removal from deposits, steel is the most recyclable material in the world. Its best characteristic is that it never gets old. All types of steel may be recycled again and again, and reused to make steel of the highest quality.

Armat - an experienced team of experts

Steel enables varied possibilities of creative project design. Steel constructions are therefore one of the most popular choices of architects, project designers, constructors and investors. Our experienced team of experts at Armat will be at your disposal at all phases of your project - from project design at project design studios and later on during manufacturing and installation. We will be happy to help you find optimal solutions, and especially help buyers to meet their expectations.

We provide comprehensive solutions

At Armat we always look for comprehensive solutions. We advise, do project design, manufacture, supply and construct business complexes, manufacturing halls, high-rack warehouses, sports complexes, car canopies and other, smaller turn-key projects in accordance with the applicable standards. We also construct facilities and steel constructions for more demanding spatial placements.

5 key benefits of steel constructions

  • Durability and flexibility – steel is a strong, durable, elastic material which is optimal for construction and enables a number of implementation options, including those that are more demanding, such as with a dynamic load.
  • Environmentally-friendly construction and long material lifespan – steel is an environmentally-friendly material which represents a minimal burden on the environment. Steel constructions are incredibly resistant to external effects, and serve their purpose for a long time.
  • Simple to combine with other materials – steel constructions can be very easily combined with other materials, and thus enable designers great flexibility during construction.
  • Quick installation – installing a steel construction is much faster compared to classic construction, and there is also the option of upgrading the facility later on.
  • Affordable and recyclable construction – steel constructions enable buildings with greater spans, and unlike modern prefabricated RC slabs enable creative and affordable construction. They are also 100% recyclable.