Façade elements for building envelopes

Façade elements and functional solutions for different types of modern architectural building envelope designs

The façade is one of the most important visible elements which completes the building's exterior as well as ensures its functionality by providing insulation and fire protection. It is important you choose a verified high-quality façade envelope. At Armat we offer implementation of façades in a number of architectural combinations with a load-bearing substructure of our own production.

Custom-made design and characteristics according to the highest of standards

Façade elements offer an innovative, diverse and aesthetically pleasing solution even for the most demanding customers. You can choose from different colours, external structures and element shapes, and all of our materials are well-tested and provided by the most renowned manufacturers. They have incredible technical characteristics, are of high-quality, have a long lifespan and are incredibly useful.

Fireproof façade panels FFP

Fireproof façade panels FFP with visible and hidden fastening are distinguished by an insulation core made from fireproof rock-wool. Panels are composed of two pieces of profiled, galvanized and dyed sheet metal. Insulation filling is made from rock-wool (A1 fireproof class) measuring from 60 to 240 mm.

Fireproof façade panels FFP are ideal for thermally insulated façades and cladding. One of the most important benefits is the fireproof core, which has a vital impact on the fire safety and fire protection of buildings. You can select from a wide variety of panel widths and versions, such as smooth, micro-lined, medium micro-lined, V-profile external cladding, etc. Panels with different geometries enable horizontal and vertical construction.

8 key benefits of fireproof façade panels FFP

  • Fireproof
  • High load-capacity
  • Insulation filling made from rock-wool
  • Elegant exterior (the option of an invisible screw joint)
  • A wide palette of colours, surface profiles and modules
  • Long lifespan
  • Horizontal and vertical laying
  • Simple installation

Insulation façade panels IFP – provide even more efficient thermal insulation

Insulation façade panels IFP with visible and hidden fastening are lightweight construction panels with incredible thermal insulation. The panels are composed of two pieces of profiled, galvanized and dyed sheet metal. You can choose the insulation filling with a standard PUR insulation core, with a closed cell structure or made from highly insulative, low flammability PIR, IPN and Quadcore foam. Available in thicknesses ranging from 40 to 250 mm and with B s1 d0 fire response.

Due to high specific gravity and consequently incredible insulation properties, these panels are appropriate for thermally insulated façades and cladding, but also for cooling and freezer compartments. Due to their various sizes insulation façade panels IFP may be installed horizontally or vertically.

7 key benefits of insulation façade panels IFP

  • the highest degree of insulation,
  • insulation filling made of standard PUR foam or high insulative, low flammability PUR, PIR, IPN and Quadcore foam,
  • elegant exterior (the option of an invisible screw joint),
  • a wide palette of colours, surface profiles and modules,
  • long lifespan,
  • horizontal and vertical laying,
  • simple installation.